Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why Is PCLinuxOS 2007 Better Than Ubuntu ? - For new user coming from Windows

Why Is PCLinuxOS 2007 Better Than Ubuntu ?

(Ubuntu feisty vs PCLinuxOS 2007)

Hello guys...

I am one of Linux enthusiast like you people, and have used almost all major Linux distros in past.

Currently I triple boot Windows XP/ Ubuntu Feisty /PCLinuxOS 2007.

I am very impressed with PCLOS 2k7, even more than i was with Ubuntu. So i though why not write something which may help other people....

So here it goes as if why PCLOS 2k7 is better than Ubuntu :

{All things written below are completely my own views, based on my experiences with Linux and Windows, during past years and are no way related to PCLinuxOS OS or Ubuntu developers, or any other person or company mentioned below.}

1. First reason, PCLOS is based on KDE, while Ubuntu is based on GNOME.

And the hard truth is that KDE is definitely better than GNOME. ( I know die hard GNOME users must be frowning). Well, I have points to prove :

(i). KDE gives so much power and options to user to configure their system and desktop, while GNOME in their goal of striving hard for simplicity (unnecessarily and sometimes more than required) cripples normal user (sometime even Linux geeks) in terms of above said parameters. KDE Control center gives far more options than GNOME.

Even Mr. Linus Trovald supports this fact in public and encourages users to use KDE( google it to read Linus's comments.)

(ii). KDE developers are far more active than GNOME people.

This is evident by the fact that KDE is going to release its 4th version (which is a major release, a complete overhaul,i mean everything has been reviewed), while GNOME has no plans of releasing even 3rd version.

(iii). Lots of day to day used apps, like media player, torrent client, file manager, are far superior in KDE. To name a few, Amarok vs. Rhythymbox, Ktorrent vs (hey GNOME doesn't even has a torrent client), Konqueror vs Nautilus, Gaim/Pidgin vs Kopete.... Almost everywhere KDE apps surpass over GNOME apps.

(iv). Now explanations to some of facts for which KD is criticized by GNOME users mostly :

a. KDE is more like Windows.

Well first of all its not true. Because Windows itself copies all things from Mac, but you can't do anything about that, because Mac people are almost always first to bring innovation in GUI. And if Mac people were first to develop the GUI [Graphic User Interface] (rather they also bought it from Xerox company in 80's). So everything traces back to roots and looks similar. And GNOME doesn't look like Windows because GNOME in first place doesn't give many options in GUI. You know, GNOME's philosophy is simplicity.

So better allegation would be that KDE is more like Mac. But believe me fellas, KDE people bring the best of all, along with their own innovations.

b. KDE is slower than GNOME.

Again same explanation, if you need power to configure, you need to have tools to do that. And it needs, both memory and processing. And i use both GNOME and KDE, i don't see or feel much difference.

2. PCLOS has far more stability than Ubuntu. Reasons for that :

(i). PCLOS repository has softwares which have been tested by PCLOS developers completely, while Ubuntu has so many repositories available today, (though it is good in a sense that Ubuntu has max. no of softwares available), that there are very high chances that some program or library dependency from unofficial repository may cause trouble to your system. (OK, this is not for geeks..... BUT this is hell lot of problem for newbies, and mid-experienced users....)

(ii). PCLOS is .rpm based which is better and more efficient packaging model for Linux binaries, than .deb, used by Ubuntu.

[Lot of people may not agree with this. So i want to clear that this is what i have learned from my personal experience, and research on Internet. So your thoughts are equally respected on this.]

3. PCLOS comes pre-installed with most of commonly used multimedia formats(except real player, quick time, and mpg), while Ubuntu doesn't.

This point gives PCLOS a great push ahead of Ubuntu. Its too convenient in conditions like:

(i). Newbies who when using Linux for first time, just get shot when they see that their brand new Linux OS is not playing their favorite songs(mp3).

(ii). Now you will say, person above may simply double click the song, and Ubuntu will automatically install required binaries. True. But, just Imagine someone in developing nation, where Internet penetration is not good or not even available. How do you provide required binaries, as there are always dependencies involved in any Linux binary installation ? Will those people ever replace their perfectly running PIRATED Windows XP in such scenario ? Well, the answer is, NEVER.....

[I could never understand why doesn't Ubuntu pre-installs required multimedia formats. Legal Issues ? Well, i think , they are already getting into legal issues by providing it in repositories. so why not on CD ? May be some complex legal stuff..... if anyone kind enough to explain to me...]

5. PCLOS control center is a big and easy tool to configure system with just few clicks, while

there is not anything analogous in Ubuntu.

6. Some things which i personally experienced with my own system:

(i). PCLOS automatically detected that i needed a software to correct my screen resolution, while Ubuntu didn't.

(ii). PCLOS automatically configured my laptop touchpad correcly, while in Ubuntu, i had to edit x org file to get it working good. For newbies out there, its a nightmare to even find that file without any help from forums or people.

(iii). PCLOS detected my wireless card while Ubuntu didn't.

(iv). On PCLOS, i could run 3d desktops (beryl and compiz) right after install while in Ubuntu i had to install these things from repositories.

(v). On PCLOS i can run even 2 or 3 videos with 3d desktop enabled, while in Ubuntu, whenever i even clicked a video file to play, it would simply exit without anything playing. ( I have a little old laptop with no separate graphic card)

This thing made me a fan of PCLOS. I thought while using Ubuntu that i will never be able to use 3d desktop on permanent basis but with PCLOS i am a complete 3d convert.

[For newbies : 3d desktop on Linux are freaking awesome. Windows vista with its too much hyped "Live Thumbnails in Taskbar" and "Aero Flip Through Windows" should be ashamed. I mean guys, it nothing in front of Linux 3d desktops. And Microsoft spends 5 BILLION DOLLARS on research (did u read that !).

Do check out some videos on you tube. Vista users will feet like scratching their brand new Vista DVD by their own hand after seeing these videos..... So be cautious, Vista victims.......]

(v). I couldn't get flash videos playback with sound on Ubuntu, even after installing same codecs as on PCLOS, and doing all possible tweaks. PCLOS played it like a charm right after install......

(vi). With PCLOS i could select what things not to install (like i kinda don't like open office) during installation by simply uninstalling that software from synaptic, while i couldn't achieve same thing in Ubuntu.

7. What Surprises Me Really As if why Ubuntu hasn't been able to do same things despite the facts that ;

(i). Ubuntu is supported and developed by multimillionaire Mark Shuttleworth and his company Canonical, while PCLOS is developed by some great Linux geek fellas(Texter and ripper gang as they call themselves). I mean where is all that money being spent.

I respect Mark Shuttleworth a lot and am a regular reader of his blog. It seems he needs to audit his company great time.

(ii). Some big computer manufacturer like Dell (and recently Lenovo) and are supporting Ubuntu.

8. Why Has Then Ubuntu Become So Much Popular than Other Linux Distros like OpenSUSE, Mandriva. Well i see few reasons which led to that ;

(i). Mark Shuttleworth decision of sending out free Ubuntu Cd's without any cost in any part of World. This had a huge impact, because it led to wide adoption of Ubuntu in developing nations where people have Internet access but not of broadband like people in developed nations. People out there on their dial up connections could simply request Ubuntu installation Cd's on Ubuntu websites, and get them at their home for free.

(ii). Even today, Ubuntu is definitely second best to PCLOS as:

(a). single CD operating system unlike OpenSUSE or Red hat.

(b). Big community support which has developed over time due to Ubuntu's wide reach attributed to point 8(ii). And MIND YOU....... there is no doubt that Ubuntu's community support is definitely largest and post a query at, and you get the response within minutes......

(iii). And above all, PCLOS hadn't arrived before 2003.................

Hope this article will help newbies to make a right decisions by choosing PCLinuxOS 2007 as their first distro, and already Linux convert to switch or at least give a try to PCLOS 2k7 ( did someone said "distro hoping")......


cyneuron said...

Edit: Ubuntu origin is in 2004 only.
and sorry that i dint brush up my history well. confused Ubuntu's origin with other major distro's.

Bob said...

I thought I would give PCL2K7/KDE a try to stay informed and see how the other half lived.

Quite impressed after using it as my main desktop for about ten days and I'm going to give it a trial until gutsy gibbon is released in two months.

I don't like the monolithic start menu eg having to click

instead of

I don't like konqueror. Many times I have clicked on the X to close a file and lost my place in the directory tree because I was actually looking at a preview inside konqueror. Having to unlearn 15 years of a file being open outside the file manager is wrong.

I do like the widgets such as buttons, dropdown menus etc, very professional, and the new features of KDE4 look great such as composite animations/plasma. I also know the underlying architecture is OO based on C++ not C like gnome.

The ability to change wallpapers independently for my dual monitor setup is more advanced than windows!

As for PCL2K7, apt is nice and familiar but it is noticeably slower both to install and apt-cache search. RPMs are far inferior to .debs, they are ancient technology you are talking rubbish.

Speaking of ancient the kernel is!! and it doesn't even change after a full system update. Also it is 32bit only. I have 8GB of ram that is reduced to 3.2GB... useless.

OK so it has codecs built-in but that is political not technological. Use Linux Mint if you are a n00b... it's Ubuntu with built in codecs/realplayer etc.

Why the duplication? Why do I need kmail and thunderbird?

I do like the style of PCL2K7.. the wallpapers, spashscreens etc. Ubuntu has a style problem in the default setup. Also I like the infrastructure of Lortal and LinFX that is prebookmarked. But the forums are so much quieter than I am used to, as you point out posting on is more like irc, almost realtime responses in the beginner section.

Overall I'm glad of the competition because it spurs both to do better but I think the massive community is Ubuntu's killer app and anything else can be customised manually.

(PS you post comment link is broken I had to edit the URL by hand)

Bob said...

Oh and while I'm moaning lol, in gnome my videos have thumbnails from the middle of the film so you get a good picture, in KDE and windows they use the first frame so they are blank or otherwise useless.